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Little Shelter Sanctuary: exclusive to Little Shelter's dogs

The mission of the Little Shelter is to adopt and save as many dogs and cats as possible. However there are many animals who have been overlooked for adoption due to behavioral or medical issues.  Some dogs simply cannot adapt well to shelter life causing them to be overlooked for adoption. To meet the needs of these special animals Little Shelter opened the Little Shelter Sanctuary.

The animals who for various reasons are not adoptable are sent to the Sanctuary to live out their life in peace. 

Thankfully many dogs are adoptable but just needed the extra space that the Sanctuary provides.  These dogs receive continuous training, socialization, rehabilitation, and love until adoption no matter how long it may take.

Resting on 110 acres of rolling hills, fields and streams in upstate New York, at the Little Shelter Animal Sanctuary, animals live in rooms styled more like apartments or homes to provide comfort and peace in a relaxing environment. Each dog has its own furnished room painted to suit the dogs personality and there is a 2 1/2 acre pond on the property for the dogs to swim in.

Each dog has his or her own special needs, which makes it necessary that his or her family is willing to provide the love, patience, and commitment to help each of them adjust to their new family. Our sanctuary dogs are all wonderful, loving animals that just need a special someone to make their lives complete.  

Dogs in the sanctuary are dubbed “Angels” and receive lifetime medical care when adopted through the shelter’s Save-an-Angel program. In addition, Angel adopters can request training help from a shelter behaviorist to help with any initial transition problems or special needs of the animal.

If you would like to contribute to help with the costs of maintaining the property or want to help fund the cost of a new building to house these special animals, please contact: 631.368.8770 ext. 26

Meet Our Sanctuary Residents

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