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What To Expect

Upon arriving at Little Shelter you will be given a short pre-interview form to fill out. The adoption counselors will show you the pets you are interested in as well as pets that fit your household and lifestyle.

All household members must come to Little Shelter to meet your new pet.

Upon finding the ideal pet for you, you and the adoption counselor will place the animal on hold for 24  hours.

Little Shelter does not do same-day adoptions. 

During this time our adoption counselors will check two personal references for the adopters as well as perform a veterinarian check. 

If you have a landlord, we will check your building's policies on pet ownership.

If you have another pet an interaction is required. This is usually the last step in the adoption process. 

Upon completing this process, the adopters will come back the next day and take their newly adopted pet home and will get to take a family photo with their pet. Congratulations!

Adopting a pet is a serious commitment. We strongly encourage anyone thinking about adding a four-legged family member to do their research and be prepared to welcome a new member into your family.

*You must be at least 21 years old to adopt from Little Shelter.

The Adoption Process

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