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Silver Paw Connection

While all surrenders are heartbreaking, there is nothing worse than seeing a senior dog or cat placed in a shelter simply because they are old – especially knowing this puts them at risk. To help these animals get a second chance at a furever home, Little Shelter has developed the Silver Paw Connection Program.

Silver paw

At any given time 60% or more of Little Shelter residents are Silver Seniors. These sweet dogs and cats are given the best care catered to their individual needs, until a family comes along to give them the loving home they deserve. While a Silver Senior may move a little slower, many of these companions come already housebroken, won’t climb your curtains, nor chew on your furniture and have a lot of love to give. A senior pet can be a great companion for someone who is a first time pet owner or someone who may not be able to spend a lot of time exercising a young dog.

Come adopt a "Silver Senior" today!

Meet some of our Silver Seniors

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