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Our Programs

Little Shelter has paved the way with original programs that give back to the community. Since 1927 we have been proud to introduce programs and see them brought over to shelters around the country.  

The majority of the animals at Little Shelter have been rescued from kill shelters on Long Island and New York City. 

Animal overpopulation continues to be a problem around the world. Puppy mills continue to breed animals for profit and not all pet owners spay or neuter their pets, which often results... 

Thousands of feral cats have been helped by this vital program that follows the humane practice of trap-neuter-release and provides support for the dedicated people who care for feral cat...

Little Shelter’s Humane Education Program is designed to give children the skills and knowledge necessary to properly care for animals and help to instill a lifelong sense of compassion and...

Little Shelter has introduced a “Reading Program” into five local Elementary Schools. Dogs that were originally adopted from Little Shelter have been specially trained to become “Reading Assistant Dogs." 

As a thank you to those who fought for our country, our program allows any Veteran to adopt a dog or cat with a $0 adoption fee.

Little Shelter and its specially trained dogs visit three assisted living facilities for seniors. The program has brought comfort and smiles to the faces of the residents.

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Through the A.S.K. program, impoverished, sick, disabled and elderly pet parents are provided free pet food, vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery and medical treatment for their animals.

At any given time 60% or more of Little Shelter residents are over 8 years of age, making them Silver Seniors. 


Little Shelter's volunteers dedicate their time in numerous ways.

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