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Foster Opportunities

To commit to being a foster family is an amazing act of love and selflessness that undeniably aids countless animals in need. By definition foster means to cherish; to promote the growth of; to encourage and to sustain.  Little Shelter is always looking for volunteers that are willing to do just that.  Foster families give of themselves, their time and homes in numerous ways, for many different animals with many different needs.

Opportunities are abound!  With well over 400 hundred animals we are sure to find the perfect match for your situation, lifestyle and family.

Responsibilities of the foster family vary with the needs of the animal(s).Often times we have dogs and cats that require short or long-term medical care.  Puppies and kittens routinely need to be weaned from mom and sometimes even bottle fed to survive. Behavior problems can arise once an animal has been in a shelter setting too long and many that need a respite will thrive in a home setting.  Some simply need that extra amount of attention and love to aid in their emotional and physical well-being.


If you feel you are in the position to help and are interested in becoming a Little Shelter volunteer foster family or have any questions in this regard please call Little Shelter at 631-368-8770 extension 21 or e-mail 

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