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These dogs and cats are not at Little Shelter.

Check each listing for contact information.

Each of the dogs and cats featured on this page are in need of a new homes.

Panda coutesy post.3.jpg
Meet Panda


Panda is not at Little Shelter

Panda.courtesy post2.jpg

Panda is a one and a half year old male cat. he is very playful.

He is up to date with his shots. Looking for a loving home.


Posted March 2021

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Meet Luke & Leia

Leia.couresy post.jpg


Luke & Leia are not at

Little Shelter

This very social brother and sister love spending time together playing. While they can be shy at first, they enjoy attention and getting pet. They have been spayed/neutered, tested negative for FIV and are up to date on their medical with no health concerns.

For more information contact:

Jillian: 631- 708-9481 or

POSTED : March 2021
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milk dud.twix courtesy.2.jpeg

Meet Milk Dud and Twix

                  *Courtesy Post*

Milk Dud and Twix are not at Little Shelter

Both Milk Dud and Twix are 6 1/2., male  indoor housebroken cats. Milk Dud and Twix, are very sweet and very affectionate.  They love each other very much. Due to unfortunate circumstances they need to be rehomed. Twix was recently diagnosed with diabetes.

If Interested in adopting both Milk Dud and Twix together, Contact: Wendy at 516-840-6224.

Posted May 2021


          *Courtesy Post*

Chewie is not at Little Shelter

Chewie is 11 years young and would really like to live in a home without other cats .  Chewie is very sweet, very cuddly , and will sleep next to you every night .
Please contact Bonnie  @ for more information

Posted March 2021
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Hiding Belen.jpg

Meet Belen

Belen is a nearly 3 year old, recovering rescue cat. She has come a million miles, but needs a guardian sensitive to special needs. While still learning how to give and take affection, she loves a lap, and gets along fine with other cats. She is athletic and playful. There is so much love in her, just requiring the right person's patience and understanding to fulfill her potential.


Contact :Jeremy (646)359-9238 

                                                                                                                                                                   POSTED: May 2021                                                                                                                                  


                          *Courtesy Post*

                     Belen is not at Little Shelter

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       *Courtesy Post*
Murphy is not at Little Shelter

Murphy needs a new home ASAP!!!

Murphy is approx 2 years old. Spayed and vaccines up to date. She is excellent with kids (all ages) and other dogs. She loves to hike and snuggle. She’s a bit shy when first meeting people but doesn’t hide— she just takes a minute to sniff you out and get to know you. The reason she is being rehomed is due to a divorce and the family separating and moving out of the home and not being able to get an apartment in their price range that accommodates dogs. They are devastated and want Murphy to end up with the best family. For more information contact:

Gianna (914) 319-9160.

Carolla dog.courtesy.png
POSTED: July 2021