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Courtesy Adoption Posts

Each of the dogs and cats featured on this page are in need of new homes.

These dogs and cats are not at Little Shelter.

Check each listing for contact information.

Posted 1/31/23
Rick 2 courtesy post.jpeg

Meet Rick

        *Courtesy Post*

This beautiful 2-year-old goofball, Rick, is a puppy in cat form, loves to play and snuggle. Sweetest cat you'll ever meet and wouldn't hurt a fly. He's great with other cats, dogs, and kids (but they must be willing to reciprocate his bids for playtime). Would probably do well with other pet friends! Requires lots of attention so looking for an environment where a solid routine is the normal culture.  No behavioral issues apart from always wanting love and/or food. Very talkative. Currently located in Brooklyn but travel is possible.

                          Call: 570-417-6425  



Roxy courtesy post.JPG
Roxy2 courtesy post.JPG

Meet Roxy

*Courtesy Post*

Roxy is Not at Little Shelter

 Help us find this beautiful little girl her #ForeverHome. Meet Roxy. She needs a place where she’ll be the only pet/child. She doesn’t like to be picked up or held currently, but she will let you scratch her ears. She’s been through a lot, and needs complete stability in her life. Roxy lost her home due to her previous owners moving, and no longer wanting her. Imagine losing the only home you've ever known after 8 or 9 years. That being said, she’s on some kitty anxiety medication to help keep her calm. Super easy to administer, as it’s given in her food. References and a home visit are a must.

Up to date on all her shots/vaccines. She has a minor thyroid issue, and will need to be taken back to the vet in December for a checkup. We have been fostering her since August, but we have 4 other animals and unfortunately they just don’t get along. Time is of the essence. Thank you. 

Contact Tina at 516-318-3057 if interested in helping this sweet little girl live out her golden years the way she deserves.

                                                                                                                                                                    Posted 10/2022

courtesy post cat2.jpg


These two 6 year old cats grew up together and are super friendly. They need to be rehomed due to their owner's health issues.
If interested please call  631-891-7701 

 * Courtesy Post*

These adorable cats are not at Little Shelter

             Posted October 2022

Heading 5

     Meet Roxy

       *Courtesy Post*
  Roxy is not at Little Shelter

Roxy is a 10 year old spayed boxer. Roxy likes children and is dog friendly,  She doesn't like cats or strange men.
                                  Contact: Lyn 631-891-7408                                                
Posted 8/2022
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