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Can't Adopt?

If you fall in love but can't adopt you can still help out the dogs and cats by sponsoring a pet, allowing you to make a donation to Little Shelter in the animals name to help provide for its care until finding a forever home to call their own.
big heart with dog and cat

Little Shelter's sponsorship program is a great way to show your love for animals all year round.

Your monthly support as a Sponsor will give the dependable funding it takes to provide food, veterinary care, enrichment, and a comfortable place to live for homeless animals.

It's the best way to help because automatic donations are a cost-effective way to donate - so more of your support goes directly to our lifesaving work.

When you sponsor a pet, your name will appear on that pet’s page for as long as he or she is available for adoption with us at Little Shelter.

Call (631) 368-8770 ext. 23 for more information about sponsoring a dog or cat.

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