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Domestic Shorthair mix

Meet Noogie...

Noogie is a handsome white and marble tabby adult cat. He is a gentle old soul. He has a very calm demeanor and prefers to let others take the limelight as he watches on. He can usually be spotted relaxing in a cubby or hanging out with a small group near the food.
Noogie loves people but appreciates being able to sniff your hand before you pet him. He will puff out his chest and raise his tail tall in a proud stance when being petted. While he may not call out to his favorite staff when he sees them, he is known to stare with a kingly grace until they come over and say hello. This gentleman would be a great, affectionate companion who would love to stay and cuddle by his persons side. Come meet Noogie today!

Noogie is Not Sponsored


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