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Meet Remy!

Shepherd Mix   •    Female       Puppy


Dog Friendly: Must Meet  

Cat Friendly: Must Meet  

Awaiting her turn to be eligible for adoption, this three month old Shepherd mix has been putting her spare time to good use. Remy recently joined a reading class, helping grade schoolers with pronunciation and punctuation, sitting calmly on laps and politely nodding encouragement, earning high marks for attentiveness. While still not certain if “walk” is a noun or a verb, she’s confident regarding the origin of the word “friendship”, already mastering its best attributes. This pretty Passage to Freedom traveler is the perfect age to continue her education with a family that will cherish her and help her grow into her best self. If you’re looking for the perfect canine addition to your household, Remy is your girl! By the way, “adoptable” is an adjective!

Remy is Not Sponsored

For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet, call (631) 368-8770 Ext. 26 or send us an e-mail

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