Chocolate Lab

Meet Sadie...




“She has a wild spirit, but a soft heart, and such a sweet soul.”  Meet Sadie, a twelve- year-old Labrador, who is looking for a new beginning and a family to call her own. Always seeing the “pawsitive” side of things, she’s treating her arrival at the shelter as just another adventure on her path to finding a home that’s right for her. Friendly, active, and outgoing, she is confident that she still has much to offer and many more “tails” to tell. Comfortable in her own skin, she welcomes attention from everyone and will fit seamlessly into any situation. Scientists say that chocolate reduces stress, increases serotonin, and promotes good health...we recommend  a delicious chocolate Lab named Sadie as the perfect prescription to happiness!

*Sadie is fully grown and housebroken*

*Sadie is part of Little Shelter’s Silver Paw Connection*

Dog Friendly: Yes  Cat Friendly: Yes   Kids: All Ages

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Sadie Is Not Sponsored

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