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mia (2)

mia (2)
mia (2)


Arriving via the Passage to Freedom Program, these Labrador mix puppies are Henry, Caleb, Leo, Yasmin & Mia clocking in at 11 weeks old, with Asyln following close behind at just two months. These youngsters love games, and already excel at fetch and tug-of-war, playing with determination and enthusiasm. Active, social households are the best fit for these adventuresome, high-energy pups. Kind, good-humored and taking most things in stride, they have a cheerful, tail-wagging nature that has made them one of America’s favorite dogs. While still learning to walk on a leash and other basics, they’ve already got the “best friend” thing down pat! No matter which one you choose (or who chooses you!), you’ll both come out winners!

*Henry, Caleb, Leo, Yasmin, Mia and Aslyn are not yet fully grown nor housebroken*

Dog Friendly: Yes  Cat Friendly: Yes  Kids: Ages 6+

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