Cattle Dog Mix

Meet Nancy...

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Are you ready to fall in love this summer? These adorable little heartbreakers are Maxine, Mike, Nancy, Will, and Dustin, nine-week-old Cattle Dog puppies. Looking for active families who will fill their days with plenty of escapades and fun-filled pursuits, this high energy quintet is about to make their debut on NBC and Broadway Barks! Full of star power in their own right, they are known for their working minds and independent natures. Thriving on exercise, they are poised to be excellent walking/running partners, ball chasers, and Frisbee champions. Exceptional problem solvers, these youngsters have already figured out that the secret to happiness is a forever home, and are hoping to be invited to join yours. So whether you choose Maxine, Mike, Nancy, Will or Dustin, you've just added a loyal, loving new member to your household, starting the best adventure of your life!

"The road to happiness is paved with pawprints".


*Maxine, Mike, Nancy, Will & Dustin are not yet fully grown or housebroken*

Dog Friendly: Yes    Cat Friendly: Yes

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