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Meet Rizzo!

Terrier Mix •    Female       Puppy


Dog Friendly: Must Meet 

Cat Friendly: Must Meet  

Keeping it real, meet Rizzo, a five month old Terrier mix. Shaking off a “ruff” start in life, she’s now strong, healthy and ready to find a family of her very own. This pretty little lady is a bit shy, though curious, sweet-natured and affectionate ( pro tip: a tasty treat goes a long way when making friends!), secretly hoping to be home for the holidays. The Terrier has a distinct personality that some describe as “eager for a spirited discussion” and we predict that before you know it, you and Rizzo will be sharing pillow talk! Your presence will be the best present Rizzo could ever imagine, so stop by to meet her today!

Rizzo (Holiday)

Rizzo is Not Sponsored

For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet, call (631) 368-8770 Ext. 26 or send us an e-mail

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