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Meet Hershey Kiss!

Rottweiler Mix   •    Female       Senior


Dog Friendly: Must Meet  

Cat Friendly: Must Meet  

Rich, velvety, and iconically classic, meet Hershey Kiss, a ten-year-old Rottweiler mix. Arriving at Little Shelter in February, she immediately had a long line of staff and volunteers vying to be her Valentine, winning everyone over with her gentle demeanor paired with an adventurous spirit. Always available for a walk and good conversation, she’s often seen out and about with her favorite people, soaking up all the well-deserved attention.  While undergoing her routine medical evaluation, there were, however, some concerns which unfortunately resulted in a cancer diagnosis. With an estimated prognosis of a year or so, our hope is to see Hershey spend her remaining time in a real home, surrounded by love and family as she determinedly lives life to the fullest. Continually optimistic and happy, she always chooses to walk down the sunny side of the street, grateful for every moment. While you provide her with a cozy bed and a seat at your dinner table, we will continue to supply her medical care, as well as offering support and direction for the days ahead. This is a rare opportunity to make a genuine difference for the purest soul you’ll ever meet. If you’re interested in becoming a hospice/foster adopter for Hershey Kiss, please call the adoption office for more information. 

Hershey Kiss Is Not Sponsored

For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet,

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