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Meet Mr. Wiggles!

Shih-Tzu Mix   •    Male       Puppy


Dog Friendly: Must Meet  

Cat Friendly: Must Meet  

A master of frolic and the game of Twister, meet Mr. Wiggles, a four month old Shih-tzu mix. While the reason he’s a bit wobbly on his feet remains unknown, he is gaining strength and stability everyday as he grows, letting nothing stop him from forging full steam ahead in his play group and in life! When he’s not busy chasing his friends around, he is happily enfolded in someone’s arms, all in agreement that he’s completely irresistible. It has been said that where a Shih-tzu goes, mischief follows, so if you have a little Wiggle room in your home and are ready to welcome a delightful, affectionate, bonafide charmer into your family, stop by Little Shelter today!

Mr. Wiggles Is Not Sponsored

For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet,

call (631) 368-8770 ext. 23 or e-mail

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