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Meet Wobbles

Pitt Bull Mix

Meet Wobbles...


Perfectly balanced in every way that counts, meet two-year-old Pit mix Wobbles. Following the canine guidebook entitled “How to be a Good Dog”, he’s already memorized Step One:
“Find yourself a good person. A good person knows you’re a good dog. You will not need to prove it.” Unwavering in his desire for a forever home, this handsome, happy, affectionate boy knows he possesses all the best attributes: love, loyalty and a “pawsitive” attitude, eager to share these gifts with his new family.


Stop by Little Shelter today…your most steadfast of friendships begins with a dog named Wobbles!

*Wobbles is fully grown and housebroken.

Dog Friendly: Yes    Cat Friendly: Yes

Despite our best efforts to keep our site fresh, animals shown on website may or may not be available for adoption. Please call shelter to inquire about status of animal. Little Shelter reserves the right to turn down any adoption for any reason.

Wobbles is Not Sponsored

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