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Meet Clark

Terrier Mix

Meet Clark

Clark 9.19.22.jpg

The cool kid on the block, meet Clark, a six year old Terrier mix. Though having little opportunity for socialization in his previous environment, he displays an innate sense of confidence and an outgoing personality, clearly pronouncing himself ready for adoption! This clever fellow knows how to win friends, influence people, and make himself indispensable! Once you meet him, you’ll be bowled over by his enthusiasm for life and his capacity to love. Stop by Little Shelter today and ask for Clark.
“Rescue animals know that they have been saved and will always remember that. They repay you with so much love.”

*Clark is fully grown and mostly housebroken*

Dog Friendly:No  Cat Friendly: No

Despite our best efforts to keep our site fresh, animals shown on website may or may not be available for adoption. Please call shelter to inquire about status of animal. Little Shelter reserves the right to turn down any adoption for any reason.

Clark Is Not Sponsored

For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet,

call (631) 368-8770 Ext. 26 or send us an e-mail

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