Pomeranian Mix

Meet Sumpina...

Rescue dogs have many “tails” to tell and this five-year-old Pomeranian mix has a story as unique as her name. It began one raw, rainy day when a bit of white fluff was spotted near a hollow by someone with an experienced eye, who quickly sprung into action. The word sump means “ lowest point”, which describes her situation perfectly. She was damp, discouraged, and down on her luck, not yet realizing that her life was about to take a miraculous turn! She was scooped up by none other than the Little Shelter dog manager and through the proper channels, her journey to adoption began. Once cleaned up and examined by the medical team, she was awarded the impressive moniker of Sumpina. Full of vim and vigor, this plucky little  girl has captured the hearts of just about everyone she meets. So there you have it, a fairy tale ending that will be complete when you welcome a sumptuous, sassy, and truly special pup into her forever home.

“You’re going to be happy, said life, but first I’ll make you strong.”

*Sumpina is fully grown and housebroken*

Dog Friendly: Yes    Cat Friendly: Yes

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