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Vader (1)

Vader (1)
Vader (1)


”This is a new day. A new beginning.” Arriving via the Passage to Freedom Program, this six month old Labrador mix is Vader. Focused on his mission of finding a forever home, he has left the dark side behind, bravely traveling from a galaxy far, far away to do battle for your heart. This little Jedi is filled with light and love, energy and enthusiasm and the undeniable power of being a puppy. Stop by Little Shelter to meet Vader and adopt someone who will become a legendary part of your life. “The force will be with you....always”.

*Vader is still a puppy, not yet fully grown and housebreaking is a work in progress*

Dog Friendly: Yes    Cat Friendly: Yes    Kids: Ages 16+

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Vader Is Not Sponsored


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