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Gem & Gemmy

Poodle Mix
Maltese Mix

Meet Gem & Gemmy!

Gem, an eleven-year-old Poodle mix and Gemmy, a seven-year-old Maltese mix are Little Shelter’s “two peas in a pod”. Best friends since kindergarten, they have been inseparable their entire lives and are therefore looking for a home together where they can continue their perfect partnership. Though the senior, Gem will try to leap into your arms for a pet, while Gemmy patiently and demurely waits for her turn, both thriving on affection. Gentle, sweet-spirited and just plain happy, this duo is fun to be around and most definitely worth a second look.
“True friends are like Gems, they are very rare.”

*Gem and Gemmy are fully grown and housebroken.
**Double adoption**

Gemmy & Gem
Gem & Gemmy

Dog Friendly: Yes    Cat Friendly: Must Meet

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Gem & Gemmy Are Not Sponsored

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