Labrador Mix

Meet Cadi...




This little five-month-old Labrador mix has traveled a great distance via the Passage to Freedom Program in hopes of finding her forever home. With a name meaning “pure”, Cadi is the real thing, authentic, true and genuine. Still finding her footing, she is making strides towards trust and being comfortable around people. Needing time and patience to acclimate to new situations, she is looking for an experienced family to allow her to progress at her own pace, help her feel secure, and provide her with the opportunity to learn and grow. In return, she’ll fill your house with light, laughter, and love. Stop by to meet a beauty named Cadi and be prepared to give your heart away.

*Cadi is still a puppy, not yet fully grown nor housebroken*

Dog Friendly: Yes  Cat Friendly: Yes  Kids: All Ages

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Cadi Is Not Sponsored

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