Chihuahua Mix

Meet Valentina...


A six year old Chihuahua mix, this little heartthrob is Valentina. While she likes to take her time to assess new acquaintances, once she pencils you onto her A list, she will be your most loyal companion, confidant and friend. Always with an expressive smile, she is full of optimism, hoping to find a forever home, one that’s perfect for her. Intelligent, savvy, and up-to-date, she’ll soon make herself indispensable. Add someone vibrant and vivacious to your life....her name is Valentina.

“My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet.”

*Valentina is fully grown and housebroken*

Dog Friendly: Yes   Cat Friendly: Yes   Kids: Ages 12+

Valentina Is Not Sponsored


For more information about sponsoring a shelter pet, call (631) 368-8770 Ext. 26 or send us an email